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Feb. 7th, 2008

  • 7:20 PM

another month and a half down. events passed during that time......

Accepted into Columbia Chicago
Got wait listed to UofM Ann Arbor
Sent in deposit for housing at Columbia. I can't wait.
Turned 18.
Got MRSA. what the hell right?
no more soccer for me =[ </3
fell in love allllllll over again. i love you Aaron.

Valentine's day 2/14
Sadies at DC with Aaron: 2/15
festival. 2/21
Sponge at DHS with Derek: 2/23
Choral Competition: 3/?

3 months today:
 i miss you so damn much.

Jun. 15th, 2007

  • 12:53 AM

past couple days have been "primo".went  to work this morning. went home showered. skipped kickboxing and went shopping instead :) got a new dress, capris, shirt some bronzer and all taht good stuff. then went to aarons baseball game. it was soo fun. went  back to aarons and watched a movie. im feelin better bout that junk from the previous entry,.( when it comes to aaron atleast.) god i love that boy.

Feb. 25th, 2006

  • 1:52 AM

its been like 2 months.
probably the most stressful two ive ever been through.. anyways
besides that..
ive gotten my lisence
went to sponge.
had amazing times with the best people ever.
goin on spring break in like a month.
on winter break now.
kates comming home tomorrow.
armor for sleep on the 9th.
learned who to keep close, forrrrrrrrrr sure.
other people are honestly... just idiots.

merry christmas...

  • Dec. 24th, 2005 at 3:04 AM

andrew and i exchanged gifts tonight.
he got me this really cute scarf and the notebook and perfume.
and his parents got me lotion& body wash and a scarf.
i got him a track jacket and a cd. he was really excited about the cd.
we had a good night.
he drove me home.

15 minutes later he called me
and we broke up.
__i'm not really sad. we had some really good times. things just change, and you can't be sad it's over, you just have to be happy it happened.

christmas this year
im just happy i have the best friends in the entire world.
and that things can work out well from a bad situation.
merry christmas

Dec. 4th, 2005

  • 3:22 PM

no matter what.
things will always work out
EXACTLY how they are supposed to.

Nov. 25th, 2005

  • 2:54 AM

__xx he tells me im funny. and then tells me not to laugh so loud
__xx he sends me messages at 1:30 just to talk. and then apologizes for waking me up, and tells me to sleep tight
__xx he looks at me and then looks away when i see he's staring and then does it again
__xx he tickles me, just to make me laugh
__xx he bends his knees to give me a GOOD hug...cause i'm too short
__xx he doesn't care that my best friend is a guy
__xx he holds me extra close when i'm cold_
__xx he doesn't care that i sing to every single song in the car
__xx he pokes fun at me cause i talk 5x faster than normal when i tell a story, but gets every word
__xx He looks at me "just cause"
__xx he tends to not let go of my hand when were around his friends
__xx he helps me wash out the spot of spilled cocoa on my mittens
__xx he gives me a ride home everyday, even though it's totally out of the way
__xx he's the only one whos allowed to play with my hair

on a different note......
so... hannah oprish. yeah. she's my best friend forever and always. pretty much. i almost died laughing about 12 different times tonight. it was so good to hang out with her. i haven't gotten to in a while.

god, i hope tomorrow ends well.

Oct. 10th, 2005

  • 6:41 PM

its been a while

  • Sep. 19th, 2005 at 7:44 PM

yeah so drama is a bitch.
but it kinda makes me laugh how crazy some people are.
i somehow got sucked into this insane web of complications and misunderstandings and
i seem to be the one at the heart of it all. all just because i tried to help someone.
this stuff doesn't ever seem to phase me anymore anyway.
on a lighter note... i went to stratford last week. It was BEAUTIFUL. i love it there.
oh yeah im goin to see Mae on oct. 15th. with andrew and andrew... better off as andrew squared. haha yeah im cool. can't wait for that!!
homecomming in 3 weeks. no date and im rockin it.
my dress is really pretty, and im just gonna go and have a good time with my friends.
if i get a date by then, yeah thats awesome.
if not.
no biggie.
I kinda miss kate. i talked to her today about everything that's goin on.
she thinks it's funny too.
maybe i'll go and stay a weekened with her sometime soon.
I'm goin up to Traverse City this weekend for
a soccer tournament. I don't really wanna go that much anymore.
I love my weekends now.
i have so many reasons to be not happy right now.. it's out of control.
but the thing is...
I don't think i've felt this good about anything in months.
one really good thing, can cancle out 10 bad things.
it's a little bit amazing.


so i haven't updated in forever.

  • Aug. 25th, 2005 at 4:04 PM

port huron last sunday with Kate, Han and Aaron was amazing. I had such a good time. We went swimming, for like 2 seconds cause it was so cold, and went to this little like poh-dunk place for food, that jesus everywhere. We found it funny. We hung around on the board walk, and the rocks... and took some pretty cool pictures.

monday night with han alex and melissa <33 that was interesting. but i <3 my girls.

school started tuesday. whoa... summer went by so fast. my classes are pretty good. I don't really like my 4th or 6th hour a lot but that's okay. the rest are pretty awesome. um... my spanish teacher is horrrrrrrible. she despises me. She pretty much hated my brother and sister too so i was screwed from the begining. but i guess i talk too much and i got my seat moved like 5(?) times. that's kinda crazy and i can barely understand her.

tuesday after school. i was with han alex and melissa again and we went to Holiday Grill then back to han's. some of emily's friends were there too.and yeah that's pretty much it.

yesterday after school i went out to lunch with zack, cj, tim and adam. then i went back to zack's and the others went to cj's. haha we walked up to the park and zack decided it'd be fun to climb a tree i guess so he did and this person passed by and i was looking up and talking to zack and they thought i was like tlaking tot he tree. that was sort of weird. then we just kinda walked around and hung out and yeah.

Soo.. kate leaves for school on saturday :-( i don't know what i'm gonna do, i can't believe that it's here already. And all this weekend i have a soccer tournament too.